“Band-Aids” Can Only Do So Much When it Comes to Gutter Systems | Jerrys Gutters

Like with anything else, you can replace a broken, sectional gutter, but in the long run, depending on your circumstances and situation, it may be more beneficial to consider investing in a seamless gutter system.

Like trying to connect a puzzle, sectional gutter systems involve piecing together sections of the gutter to ensure they fit the dimensions of the home properly. In contrast, by going with a seamless gutter system though, your gutters will be created to custom-fit your home precisely. They match the exact lengths and specifications of the home.

Going this route there are a variety of benefits. That includes:

A Cleaner System

When you go seamless, there is less of a chance for debris such as twigs and leaves to get stuck in seams which can create clogs and not allow the gutter system to work properly. Alternatively, when you go with a seamless gutter system, there are fewer opportunities for this type of debris to accumulate and do damage to the system, making for a much cleaner and more efficient gutter.

Less To Maintain

By having less seams means less debris getting caught and healthier gutters. A healthier, workable gutter translates into lower maintenance that is needed, which will for sure help your wallet, especially in the long run.

Yes, putting a sectional gutter onto a section of your home can help fix a problem, but it’s more just a temporary “band-aid” until another part fails. Instead, for a long-term solution it may be beneficial to go with a new seamless gutter system. It will protect your home and roof better for a longer period of time.

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