Heavy Rain and Your Gutters | Jerrys Gutters

Hurricane season is finally about to wrap up but that doesn’t put South Florida in the clear when it comes to heavy rain. Living in a tropical location like the Sunshine State means we always have to be on guard for major storms and flooding.

But did you know, with heavy rain not only will it saturate the area but it can also cause damage to your gutters? That’s because too much rain can cause clogging of the gutters and therefore compromise its core function which is to push water away from the property and its foundation. When clogging occurs, water still needs to go somewhere and it will end up doing the opposite it was intended to, and send water straight down below your roof next to the foundation of the property which can lead to flooding and mold.

So how can you prevent this potentially major structural issue to your home? The best recommendation we could recommend is to have your gutters professionally cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. You have your vehicle’s oil changed on a regular basis. You should have your gutters checked the same way. At least a few times a year.

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