Plants Belong in a Vase, Not a Gutter. | Jerrys Gutters

Have you ever walked out of our home and seen a long plant magically appearing out of one of your gutters? You aren’t dreaming, it really does happen and isn’t so uncommon.

That’s because many times, unwanted remnants wind up inside the gutter such as leaves and pine needles. Over time, if left unattended these remnants start to decompose creating a fertile growing ground of items such as moss, mold, and even plants.

When these unwanted plants begin to grow the gutter cannot properly divert water from the home when it rains and over time can increase the potential of roof and foundation damage.

That should be a trigger that you need a good gutter cleaning. You can try to do it yourself by removing all the leaves and remnants from the gutter and using a hose to clear the downspouts.

Instead, you can avoid having to get special gloves and a big ladder and hire a professional gutter cleaner such as Jerry’s Gutters. Jerry’s Gutters have over 30 years of experience working on South Florida gutters and truly understand South Florida weather.

Gutter maintenance is not always a top priority but is a necessity for any homeowner. If not, prepare for a good amount of home and roof damage. Call us at 561-424-1188 for a free consultation.