Understanding The Different Types Of Gutters | Jerrys Gutters

Gutters play a crucial part in everyone’s home as they prevent water away from your siding roof and foundation which helps in avoiding mold and mildew and other water damage.

While it is pretty straightforward there are a variety of different types of gutters when it comes to style and materials.

The most common and popular types of gutter is the k-style and half round styles. There are though others.

Half-round gutters feature a semicircular design and curved lip, come in 5- and 6-inch widths and are very common in homes built before 1960.

K-Style gutters also come in 5- and 6-inch widths but feature rectangular down sprouts. These can be more challenging when it comes to cleaning though because their inner angles collect a lot of debris.

Commercial and industrial builds often feature a box-style gutter design. This tyle gutter comes in 7- and 8-inch widths and could even come as big as 10 inches wide.  These types of gutters aren’t hung on your roof’s edge. Instead, they use a high back section that tucks under a roof’s shingles.

As you can see there are options when it comes to gutters and there are even other options besides these. Jerry’s Gutters can help provide you with the best type of gutter for your home or business.

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