How to Keep Pests Out of Your Gutters | Jerrys Gutters

I Have What in MY Gutters!?

Here at Jerry’s Seamless Guttering we get asked a lot of different questions. Most questions are asked several times by different people. A question we have gotten recently is how we can keep critters and other things out of your gutters. I wish I could tell you there is one answer that will be the best for every situation, but of course there is not. So, let’s look at a few different situations we have encountered throughout the years.


He is Not Trying to Save Me 20% On Insurance

I am sure that everyone has seen at least one of these monsters. It looks like Jurassic Park is in your back yard or for a few of our clients in their gutters. They are known as Managing Iguanas. The Iguanas are known to like a lot of the plants that we grow by our houses. With razor, sharp claws they can be quite dangerous to you and your pets. We have had clients ask us to put screens on the top of gutters to stop the Iguana from sunbathing in the gutter. Unfortunately, this is only a temporary fix. When they are upwards of three feet and 20 pounds, the gutter screens are no match. It is best to trim back trees and plant vegetation in problem areas that the Iguanas dislike.


Snakes and Ladders

I wish I could say this photo has been Photoshoped. But it has not. Snakes are an almost every day nuisance in south Florida. The further West you go the bigger the snakes get. The scary thing about it, it’s not the big snakes you need to worry about most. For example, the Coral Snake and the Rattlesnake are all over and very hard to spot. Snakes are cold blooded like there Iguana cousins. They love to sit up in the gutters to get the needed warmth from the sun. Keeping gutters cleaned and cleaned often is the best solution. Also, a gutter grill will help prevent any slippery unwanted visitors.


The IRS Is Not the Only Thing That Wants to Suck Us Dry

Lastly I want to bring up what has been on everybody’s mind. Some might see this picture and see standing water and a dirty gutter. The Mosquito sees a rent-free luxury apartment. South Florida has seen a recent jump in Zika cases. It is very important to make sure that you do not have standing water like this in your gutters. This is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Make sure that your gutters are free of debris and pitched correctly. This will help prevent the unwanted flying pests.


In Conclusion

There are a lot of ways to keep the “Florida Natives” out of your gutters and more importantly your home. Make sure you clean your gutters at least once per year but more preferably two times a year. Also keep branches and palm frans away from your roof. This gives every kind of cridder an express route to your gutters and your house. Also think about getting a guard for your gutters for that added layer of protection. While not all gutter screens are not created equal, the best one on the market is going to be the Waterloov. This option is much stronger than the normal screen like grates that go over the gutter. It will push the leaves and other junk right off the house while trapping the water. If you have any questions on how to protect your home give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you in an affordable option.