The Draw Backs of Vinyl Gutters Vs. Aluminum | Jerrys Gutters

Vinyl or Aluminum Gutters in Florida

Vinyl gutters have been growing in popularity in the past few years. They can be picked up at your local do-it-yourself mega mart and they are very inexpensive. A lot of people choose to spend the weekend putting up their own gutters and soon realize, that what they would think was going to take a day or so is going to take much longer. Living in moderate clement areas the vinyl gutters can last UP TO 20 years. I say UP TO because it is not practical.


Living in south Florida we experience heavy rains and strong winds. The DIY option is not designed to handle the extreme weather and climates we have in Florida. It is more affordable in the long run to spend a little money and get a product that will last longer. Since the gutter has been installed correctly it is also up to local code. But even more importantly placed so it does not void any warranty’s you might have on your home. Trying to save money by doing-it-yourself can also have unwanted consequences. Placing a gutter in the wrong spot can actually void your warranty you have on your roof and create more damage than placed in the correct area.


Aluminum is a much more sensible option than vinyl. Aluminum comes in over 25 different colors. It is also more resistant to the high winds that we consistently experience in Florida. Properly installed Aluminum gutters will not sag or bend under heavy rain showers and also will not void any existing warranty’s you have on the house.

In The End

Thinking about the extreme weather Florida homes experience on a daily basis yon need to make sure you protect your home with exceptional materials and workmanship. With over 30 years of experience we can make sure that you home is protected during the frequent storms, blistering heat and heavy winds. Contact at (561)424-1188 or visit our website at Jerry’s Gutters for a free estimate to see how we can help you protect your biggest investment.