Tips for Getting Your Mind Out of the Gutter | Jerrys Gutters

Summer time is when most people are worrying about getting their bodies in shape for that trip to the beach. But, remember that summer time in Florida is not just beach weather season, it’s also the beginning of the rainy seasons. To help you make sure your gutters are ready for the summer, the pros at Jerry’s Seamless Guttering of South Florida has put together a list of ways to clean out your gutters.

  1. Cleaning: Start by clearing any debris such as leaves and twigs that are near a downsprout.
  1. Scooping: Scoop out any loose debris from the low end of the gutter, use a gutter scoop or child’s sand shovel if you’d rather not go digging for gunk.
  1. Blasting: Use an on-off high pressure nozzle hose to blast out any debris. Make sure to start off slow to avoid splattering.
  1. Call the professionals: If you find that you can’t unclog the gutter or that you’d just rather focus on that summer bod, call Jerry’s Seamless Guttering, Inc. for gutter cleaning and maintenance.