4 Reasons Gutters Are Important | Jerrys Gutters

Although it’s something many homeowners ignore, gutter systems are essential for proper maintenance of a home and for preventing water damage to both the home and landscape. To help homeowners better understand why seamless gutter installation and maintenance is a must, our experts at our Fort Lauderdale guttering company, Jerry’s Seamless Guttering, Inc., have put together a list of reasons gutters are important.

1. Gutters guide water away from your roof and home – As we all know, roofing is expensive and if not taken care of properly, can cost a small fortune to repair. With the help of seamless gutters, rainwater is directed off of your rooftop and away from your home.

2. Gutters help keep the foundation of your home intact – Settling rainwater around the foundation of your home is dangerous to your family’s safety, especially if your foundation is cracked. Keep rainwater from saturating your home’s foundation with the help of a local guttering company, such as Jerry’s Seamless Guttering, Inc.

3. Gutters help preserve the exterior paint and trim of your home – Settling water and debris can age your home and take a toll on exterior paint and trim. Gutters keep rainwater flowing away from your home and debris from building up on and around your home.

4. Gutters help prevent erosion of landscape and soil – Water that is not directed away from the home can collect and overtime corrode landscaping. To prevent erosion, Jerry’s Seamless Guttering, Inc. suggests contacting a reputable South Florida guttering company to have your gutter system properly installed and maintained.